Day 7 – Wine Tour and Firostefani


Table of breakfast items which includes two plates of sunny side eggs and bacon, an omelette, 2 slices of white cake, basket of croissants and bread, orange juice, apple juice, coffee, and jam and butter.

Half eaten croissant emphasizing it is filled with a custard

This croissant had custard in it.

Wine Tour

Winery #1

Canava J. Argyros since 1903 sign

Example of grape vines hand woven into a circle

The vines are formed into a basket to protect the grapes from the sun, birds, and wind. The basket also helps capture moisture in the air and what little rain the crops receive.

A line of wine bottles from left to right: Atlantis, Assyrtiko, Assyrtiko aged in french oak barrels, Vinsanto 4 year, and Vinsanto 20 year.

Cheese sticks

These cheese sticks were really good.

Stainless steel wine tanks and oak barrel room.

Vine basket used as a light fixture.

The baskets are used for decoration.

An old press used to extract juice from grapes.

An old school press.


Bonnie and Daniel posing for a picture in the vineyard.

Red grapes on a vine

Green grapes in a vine basket

Winery #2

Old tumbler used to sort grapes from leaves and twigs.

Work station of the original owner to experiment with wine.

Picture of Bonnie before the second tasting.

Picture of Daniel before the second tasting.

Bottle of wine from the second winery with a label that says Anniversary First Bottling.

Dried bread used to cleanse the palate.

Dried bread eaten to cleanse the pallet.

Four wine glasses for tasting.

Zigzag road from the new port to the cities.

The zigzag road from the new port.

Bonnie and Daniel at the second winery with the islands and sea in the background.

Winery #3

Row of grape vines at winery #3.

Row of grapes vines with the picture taken from the patio.

Four cheese pairings with dried bread and grapes.


Thyme bush

Thyme bush

Pomegranate tree

Pomegranate tree

Dinner – Ginger Sushi Lounge

20 minute walk from Astra Suites

City of Firestefani and the cliffside

Bonnie walking down a road to Firostefani

Walking the path from Imerovigli to Firostefani

Sushi bar

Bonnie after ordering food

Daniel after ordering foodSashimi: Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon, Seabass, and Red Snapper.

Sashimi – Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon, Seabass, and Snapper

Unagi and Tako (Octopus)

Unagi and Octopus

Miso marinated black cod

Miso marinated black cod

Beef kushiyaki

Beef kushiyaki

Black sesame creme brulee

Black sesame creme brulee

Blue dome church tower

Next door is a blue dome church

Blue dome church

On the way back to our suite

Road in Firostefani


Sunset and the cliffside

A stray cat

A stray cat

Panoramic of Firostefani, the sea, and islands.

Bush with yellow and magenta flowers.

Some flowers that Bonnie liked

Cliffside view of Astra Suites.

You can see our suite in the center of the picture

Island and moon during sunset.

I like this picture ^.^

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