Maui – Day 4

6:30am Woke up

7:20am Went down to the beach to reserve beach chairs on the left side and front row.

7:37am Went to the lobby to meet Bonnie so we could go to Ka’ana Kitchen for breakfast. I wish I could make the Surf & Turf Potato Hash at home. It was so good!

Surf & Turf Potato Hash king crab + pipikaula beef, soft poached eggs, peppers + onions, brown butter hollandaise
Poached Eggs & Sweet Potato Cake roasted kula tomato, crushed avocado, local greens

8:39am Headed to the beach and tanned and snorkeled.

Bonnie said it looked like I was getting a massage

11:30am Went back to the room and freshened up. My stomach was a little burned, but Bonnie was burned and got a stripped tan lol.

12:34pm Ate lunch at South Maui Fish Company. Had 2 orders of Fish Tacos 2 grilled corn tortillas, spicy aioli, slaw, topped with unagi. These were the best fish tacos I’ve ever had.

Fish tacos

1:13pm There was a long ass line at Ululani’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice but we waited. We got a large with passion orange, guava, and mango syrups and added on the snow cap.

Shaved ice passion orange, guava, and mango syrups, and snow cap

1:41pm Drove to Surfing Goat Dairy.

2:05pm At the farm, we bought 2 tour tickets $12pp. While we waited we petted baby goats and learned about the farm and goats.

Baby goats playing on surf boards

2:32pm Joined the tour group and walked over to the enclosure with all the female goats. We fed them hay and also the male goat named Pancakes who was in a different enclosure. We walked over to the milking station and saw their two farm dogs. We then got to see the equipment they used to process the goats milk and turn it into cheese. After that we got to sample several of their Chevres and aged cheeses. One of the dumb bitches threw her used spoon back into the container with clean spoons. She realized afterwards what she did was wrong, but she never said anything. Once the tour was done, we ordered a mixed sample. Pesto, horseradish…

3:24pm Drove over to the nearby distillery, Ocean Vodka. Bought 2 tour tickets $12.50pp and tried their sugar cane sample. Joined the tour and there were only 4 of us plus the guide. Learned about the sugar cane they use, the harvesting, juicing, distilling, blending, and bottling. It’s crazy the mineral water they use for blending. Then we got to try the water, vodka, and white rum. Back near the store we got to see their farm cat and they gave us shot glasses as gifts.

The land came with the cat.

3:53pm Drove back to the hotel.

6:10pm Drove to Paia Fish Market Southside. Ordered the Ono grilled, Opah grilled, and deep fried calamari.

Opah grilled with cole slaw and french fries
Ono grilled with cole slaw and french fries