Oahu – Day 4

8am – Woke up and drove to Waikiki.

9am – Arrived at Liliha Bakery and bought a Poi Donut and the Lilikoi Malasada.

10am – Parked in Chinatown and walked to Maguro Brothers.

Charashi with two sides of Uni and a side of Ikura
Hawaiian Limu Poke

11am – Drove to the mall and parked there. Walked to Iyasume and bought two Terriyaki Spam, a Egg Spam, and an Eel Egg Spam musubis.

Egg Spam

12pm – Walked back to the mall and went to Magnolia, Modo for Earl Grey and Black Sesame mochi donuts. Went to the Hawaiian Cookie Company and bought cookies for Sean and Bryan and drove to Tonkotsu Tomofuji.

Macupuno Ube Ice Cream
Black Sesame Mochi Donut
Waiting outside Tonkotsu Tomofuji
Oyster and Pork Loin Katsu
Inside look of the Oyster and Pork Loin Katsu

2pm – Drove to the Ice Monster food truck.

3pm – Went to the Hawaiian Chip Company and bought three orders of taro chips.

Made to order taro chips

4pm – Stopped by a fruit stand on the way back to the hotel and ran into Sun and Steve.

Papaya and Kiwi

7pm – Ate at Pa’akai.

Hawaiian Style Old Fashioned – Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, mai tai bitters, pineapple, orange, Luxardo cherry
Island Thyme – Hendrick’s Gin, St. Germaine, pomelo grapefruit, thyme, Champagne
Herb bread rolls
Shellfish Tower
Charbroiled Oysters
Filet Mignon with grilled tomato and roasted garlic

At this point, a flying cockroach died in midair and landed in Bonnie’s water glass. We notified the bus boy who took the glass and notified the front manager about the situation. He comped our dessert and explained that it was pouring rain outside and the cockroach probably wanted to stay dry and made its way into the restaurant. I was amazed at the chances that it landed into Bonnie’s water glass.

Key Lime Tart