Oahu – Day 1

7am – Woke up and found out our flight was delayed by 7 hours because of weather, “low clouds”. However, I got to play games with Momo asleep on me.

4:30pm – Ordered a Lyft and headed to the airport. Checked in and went through security. TSA Precheck was a breeze. We didn’t have to take anything out of our bags. Didn’t we have to take out liquids at least? /shrug.

5:30pm – Boarded the plane and realized the earlier excuse by the airline of “low clouds” was some bullshit. Hawaiian Airlines swapped planes so something must have been wrong with the original plane. The plane we boarded must have come out of retirement because it was old. The seats didn’t have screens and were tighter than usual. There weren’t any crew rest areas, so they put up padded material around 6 seats in our section and called that the crew rest area. The flight felt longer and we both started feeling motion sickness.

10pm – We got off the plane and there were no clear signs which way baggage claim was so we started walking the wrong way for a little bit. A lot of people on the plane were in front and behind us, but we turned around. Good thing we did because we got to the baggage claim before 95% of the people on our plane haha. However, we missed the Thrifty shuttle by half a minute. The lady at Thrifty took hella long that the people after us finished their reservation before we even started. We moved to the other guy and that was the turning point when things were going to be better.

11pm – The drive to Turtle Bay Resort didn’t feel like it took an hour. The parking valet was friendly and the person who checked us in was nice. We ended up upgrading our room and the manager gave us free food as we headed to our room.

12am – The food was good for what it was. We got ready for bed and turned in.